Tony Parker gives his West teams to watch

With the commencement of the 2013-'14 NBA season mere days away, the San Antonio Spurs point guard, Tony Parker, spoke via conference call to French media. During the interview, Tony spoke about how he thinks the Western Conference has improved, and listed some of the teams that he feels will give the Spurs tough competition.
"The West has improved, there is Houston with arrival of Dwight Howard, Golden State has also increased and the Clippers taking on a new dimension with Doc Rivers. And there is always OKC! Gonna be tight " He then added that the way to the end of the regular season will be less important than the journey in the playoffs, because the goal is clear:  We have our chances to win the title!"
So, even with the obvious jankey translation, it's pretty clear that Tony still feels the Spurs are contenders.
How about you Spurs fans? Do you believe the Spurs still have a shot at a title as Tony does? And, what are your thoughts on the teams that Tony listed?