Tony Parker: Future with Spurs depends on Duncan, Popovich

The transition into the "Tony Parker Era" for the San Antonio Spurs has been a seamless process. It was so smooth that Spurs fans may not have noticed it even happened. 
According to Parker there were never any ego problems on one of the most professional teams in pro sports in an interview with French site leJDD. 
Have you ever felt that you are the future of Spurs?
It's simple: the last two or three years, this is my team. The transition occurred naturally, as Tim (Duncan) and Manu (Ginobili) aged. This is the key to our success, we've always been able to share. Unlike the Lakers with Kobe and Shaq, there was never any ego problems in the team. I did not want to become a star right away, I waited my time.
Will you ever be "the man" of one club?
It is my wish, that would be great. I have another year on my contract and everything will depend on what Duncan and Popovich (the coach) will do in the next two years. If they continue, I will probably continue with them. Otherwise, I think about it.
Parker’s future with the club has always been contingent upon whether or not Coach Pop and the players stick around. It would not be a surprise if he were to depart when his contract expires in 2015. The Big 3 will all have to make decisions that year, and the current signs are pointing towards the retirement of both Duncan and Ginobili who will be 39 and 38 respectively that year. 
Parker will have to decide if he wants to stick around on a team that will be in the reloading stage. It might come down to who the Spurs are able to bring in to play alongside Parker and Leonard. For the meantime let’s enjoy these last two years of what might be the last leg of the Big 3 era. 
Do Spurs fans think Parker will stick around when his contract is up?