Tips to Overcome Test Anxiety

When you have anxiety on test days, you can feel lonely in the room. You have the feeling that one mistake may lead you to failure. You get so engrossed in that thought that by the time you come back to reality, you have only answered a couple of questions, as the time is still counting. 

If you have been in this situation, worry not, because here are the strategies to help you escape it, carefully crafted by professionals:

Change your definition of anxiety.

In the Olympic games, the reporters usually ask the participants after the competitions if they were nervous at the start. Most of them respond by saying they had a feeling of excitement. It all has to do with the stimuli, mental, and physical. Take a look at the signs of excitement: butterflies, wet palms, and fast heartbeat. The athletes have taken time to turn nervousness into excitement. When you feel nervous next time you are going for a text, think of it as excitement. 


Bill Walsh took over the San Francisco 49ers after embarrassing failures. The media had already painted the team to fail in their next competition. Walsh instead had a new plan. He decided to concentrate on the finer details in the group rather than looking up to winning the Super Bowl, like wearing a uniform well, healthy eating, and resting. He believed that the score would take care of itself once the players did these things. Just like in the classroom, the boosting confidence starts way before the test day. You have to do little things like prepping notes and perusing through your work daily. Have a plan to get prepared early enough to avoid last-minute cramming. 


As humans, we get required to breathe through utilizing the diaphragm, which expands our bellies and lungs, leading to higher consumption of oxygen, unlike breathing with the chest that leads to low consumption. When this habit gets expressed over a long period, we go into an endless cycle of stress that breeds tension. When you use the diaphragm, you will most likely not suffer high blood pressure or stiff muscles. 

Utilize Tunnel Vision

There may be times when you are 20m minutes into the exam, and you see your classmate handing in their paper and bursting out the room, confidence written all over their faces. When in this situation, do not panic and instead, remember these two things:

Even if you are left alone, it will not save you from doing your best in the test
Pay attention to the test to avoid wasting time and energy

Avoid feeling the need to rush as you have been sti[pulated enough time to finish the exam, so give your maximum concentration in it. Read everything at your own pace and answer questions correctly. 

Have a change in perspective

Take your time and see the importance of the test. The most vital thing is to read and understand, not to read to pass examinations. Learn to read and retain the information you have. Keep the relationships and experiences that you build in and out of the classroom. As you already know, most companies nowadays will not consider how much you scored in school, but they’d check the testimonials and portfolio you present. Tend to apply yourself outside the classroom as the scores of the test will not determine your course for the future.