Tim Duncan: DND-Old


The back-to-back-to-back must haunt the dreams of the veteran NBA players. Every team has to go through the stretch of three games in three days this season. The San Antonio Spurs just finished one last night in a win against the 76ers. It wasn’t a big surprise that Tim Duncan didn’t dress, it would have been a real strain on him.

What was a surprise was what was in the box score. Someone was giving Duncan a little bit of a hard time and wrote that Tim“ DND – Old.” This is definitely something I’ve never seen in a box score, I got a real laugh out of it.

Of course, Timmy won’t be recovering from his age issue anytime soon, but I imagine he’ll probably be back on the court for Tuesday’s game in Phoenix against the Suns.

To add more insult to injury, Duncan still managed to get a technical foul in the game. Arguing calls in his suit from the bench got him a tech. Surprisingly, even though Joey Crawford was one of the refs in the game, he wasn’t the one who “T-ed up” Timmy, but Duncan definitely made sure to hide his laughter anyways. I guess he’s really turning into a grouchy old man.