Tiago Splitter will not play for any team during lockout, still suffering from injury


Although he was courted by several teams from Brazil and Europe, San Antonio Spurs’ Tiago Splitter has stated (via esportes.terra.com.br) he will not play for any team during the NBA lockout citing his commitment to the Spurs and needing time to recover from an injury.

“Until we are sure we will or not the NBA season, my priority is to be 100% for pre-season with the San Antonio Spurs”

“I had several opportunities to play in European and Brazilian teams or, indeed, was a difficult decision. I, my family and my staff appreciate the advantages of these teams and care I received throughout this time,” he said.

Splitter suffered a thigh injury before the FIBA Americas tournament and had to sit out a few games. However, Splitter states he is still not 100% recovered form the injury and goes on to say it effected his play during the tournament.

“I still feel a little injury that I had before the Pre-Olympic, when I played far from my best condition.”

Splitter was recently asked by Brazilian coach Ruben Magnano to play for Brazil at the 2011 Pan American games in Mexico. 

Splitter is reported to head back to the US to begin rehabilitation.

Got to like the fact Splitter is going to rest and rehab his injury to be 100% if and when the NBA season begins but at the same time, he is injured. Also, knowing he played injured, let’s hope he did not worsen the thigh injury.

Thoughts Spurs fans?