This year has been a positive for Parker


SI.comThere's been highlights and struggles for San Antonio Spurs fans this year between two NBA seasons.

The highlights include an older Tim Duncan playing like a younger version of himself and the Spurs playing entertaining ball and heartbreaks like dropping the series in the Western Conference Finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

For Spurs point guard Tony Parker, it's been a positive year overall (via French site

"It was a very good year. A great year with the Spurs, the team of France. We lived unforgettable moments at the Olympics. The Olympics is a unique and the largest sporting event. So I hope to do as well at Euro 2013."

While some fans may disagree with Parker suggesting the Spurs have had a great year, the team has surpassed any expectations they had. 

This team was supposed to have a championship window closed and their aging core withering away slowly while the game passed them by. Instead, the Spurs are still contending for an NBA championship while changing their style of play to a smarter version of the Phoenix Suns "Run and Gun" method with defense.

Fans for the team tend to not think it's been a successful year if there's no trophy hoisted up at the end of a postseason, but that's where Parker's statement becomes true.

With the Spurs still contending at this stage of the team's core's careers, it's hard to argue with Parker's statement when a team that's not supposed to be where they're at because of age is defying "basketball logic."