They said it: Favorite quotes of 2010-11 Spurs season part 3


One of the perks of covering the San Antonio Spurs last season was getting to know more about thepeople behind the silver and black jerseys. Sometimes when interviewing players, you recognize something they say as special, so you won’t see any canned answers or quotes here. These are a few of my favorite quotes from my interviews last season.

Rockets center Jordan Hill
On Tim Duncan’s decline:
“He’s still one of the best bigs in the league and definitely one of the best bigs of all time.”

Jazz forward Paul Milsap
“They’re tough. That’s what makes their team so special. They got guys that can come of the bench and score the basketball. They truly play basketball out there.

Nets guard Ben Uzoh
“I looked up to a lot of the guys here. I was here for a long time and especially when they were winning championships, so I looked up to a lot of guys, including my current head coach Avery (Johnson), so that was pretty cool.”

“I thought it was pretty unique, kind of like divine intervention. I grew up watching him and knew a lot about him. I’m looking forward to continue playing for him, so it’s pretty cool.”

Thunder forward Kevin Durant
“Anything can happen. You can’t take this game for granted. You can play one day and not play for the rest of your career. I’m happy I’m here, I’m very blessed to be in this situation and I try not to take it for granted.”

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