The Southwest Shakeup


daniels.jpgLongtime Spurs fans will soon be seeing a familiar name when the Hornets come to town, Antonio Daniels is about to settle in behind CP3.  As I wrote in the Division Preview, “But with the loss of Pargo, it seems as though the backup job is
unfilled, but that may have already been taken care of with the
addition of Jared Jordan.”
  Well, Jordan was cut before that even got published, but now New Orleans can feature an underrated point behind Paul.  The playoffs just got a little bit scarier.

On the flip side, Phoenix has become less of a worry.  With their new fondness for the slow game, the Suns feature a post who can’t get up the court in Shaq, next to a post so soft (talkin’ ’bout you Amare) he makes marshmallows look like Iron Man.  But that’s not even the best part!  The thorn in Manu’s side, better known as Raja Bell, has left town with the ultra versatile Boris Diaw on a one way ticket to Charlotte.  Coming back, is Jason Richardson.  While J-Rich can light up a scoreboard, he isn’t anywhere near the defensive nuisance Bell is.

So as the Hornets get deeper, the Suns jettison unhappy players for a single shooter.  Another gamble by Steve Kerr, he better be praying that either Shaq finds the fountain of youth, or Amare suddenly develops a fondness for defense.  The southwest continues its transition as the young teams slowly take over the reigns.

I still think San Antonio has a couple more in them, but New Orleans and Utah are coming on fast, the Lakers are a threat as long as Kobe wears purple and gold, and Portland is getting ready to turn the corner as well.  It’s time to start pleading with Splitter to come to America.