The Spurs Recover Their Lost Glory Slowly but Surely


The Spurs are slowly reclaiming the glory that was once theirs- their signature ball movement that has been missing in their games for a while now. Despite the fact that they had a wobbly beginning to the season, they are more than making up for it in both flair and scores. Of course the recent changes of some of the players contributed to the loss of style that is so central to the team, but it is getting better by the day. Here is a more detailed account about what has been going on in one of San Antonio’s best teams and top US rated NBA odds.

Team Changes

Some of the instability experienced by the team earlier in the season can be blamed on the fact that some of the best players were missing in action at the time. Danny Green, who is the team’s shooting guard, was not on the team for a while. And neither was Tony Parker, who helps establish the team on the offensive in an unrivalled way. Tony was off the team as he had injured his legs at the team’s season opening match against the Warriors.

In addition to having to make do without some of its best players, the team also had to deal with issues of cohesion among the current members. There were questions about the compatibility of Pau Gasol and other players such as LaMarcus Aldridge and Kawhi Leonard. It has taken the team a solid nine games to become re-established, and it is currently at its best especially since the return of both Parker and Green. Ever since the two returned to the team, it has had an average of 105 points for each game in five games. This is no mean achievement by any standards.

An Upturn for the Team

Ever since the team beat the Los Angeles Lakers, everybody on the team has had a burning desire to continue winning. Parker intuitively knows the exact right moment to feed the big guys, and they in return attack more viciously than they did previously. But perhaps the best part about the team is that now, they are back to leading in the league as the best team when it comes to catch and shoot shots. Currently, 45% of their shots are catch and shoot, which means that it is commonplace for players to shoot the ball directly without dribbling.

The ball movement among the players is nothing short of spectacular, and the team has carved itself a reputation from it. It is the signature identity for the team, as Pau Gasol puts it. Unfortunately however, the team lost much of this knack for most of last year, which is something that has not happened since 2012. This year however, with so many of their key players back on the team, the team is not far from regaining that past glory.


Although anesthetics are important in San Antonio, the team is still concerned about the scores as well. Despite the fact that the Spurs are without doubt a force to reckon with in San Antonio, they still have a lot to do if they are to play at their very best. Constant improvement is still required of this majestic team.


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