The Spurs’ Post All-Star Break Playoff Push


The San Antonio Spurs, who currently have a record of 33-26, have 23 games left after the All-Star break. They are currently two games behind the Portland Trail Blazers for the 4th seed and two games ahead of the 9th seeded Sacramento Kings. The Spurs’ remaining schedule has more home games than road games and features games against both non-playoff teams and a few title contenders.

The Spurs have three games remaining on the Rodeo Road Trip, then play at the AT&T Center for 8 of the next 10 games. Of their final 10 games, only four are at home. Their schedule is somewhat challenging as well with 12 of their final 23 games coming against current playoff teams. Even though the Kings are not currently a playoff team, their game against the Spurs on March 31st could be huge if the Spurs fall to the eighth seed before then. The Spurs are currently 0-2 against the Kings, both away.

While the Spurs’ March 18th game against the Golden State Warriors will probably come too early for the Warriors to be resting their best players, the Spurs may play a Denver team that is resting their stars on April 3rd, depending on if they have secured the 2nd seed by that game. If the Spurs get locked into a seeding early, they may rest players at the end of the schedule as well, as their final three games are against teams with a sub .500 record.

Twelve of the Spurs remaining games are against teams that are currently sub .500. Only 6 of those games at home, meaning that some of their tougher games through the rest of the season are at home, including games against the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Denver Nuggets, the Milwaukee Bucks, the Trail Blazers, and the Warriors. With a 22-7 record at home, the Spurs may have a better chance in these tougher games at home. They have several tough road games as well, including games against the Raptors, the Houston Rockets, the Boston Celtics, and the Denver Nuggets. currently lists the Spurs as having the 18th easiest schedule throughout the rest of the season, with their remaining opponents’ average win percentage being .489. Unfortunately, the Los Angeles Clippers and the Kings, who are both within two games of the Spurs, have slightly easier schedules than the Spurs, with an average remaining opponents’ win percentage of .484 each. The Utah Jazz, who are currently right ahead of the Spurs, have the 29th easiest schedule, but the Trail Blazers and the Rockets both have tougher schedules by remaining opponents’ average win percentage than the Spurs.

Only one game out of the eighth seed, the Spurs would like to avoid an opening round against the Warriors, but they will have to have a strong finish to the season to avoid that or missing the playoffs altogether.


  1. Would love to see them remain 5-7, I think they have a good chance against any team in the 1st round but the Warriors, Unless Derrick White has another defensive gear he is holding onto until the playoffs. Next year should be really amazing with Murray back and another year under the belt for Walker IV and White. Especially if Durant leaves the Warriors. Just need to land someone like a Brandon Ingram type who play stout defense to handle Durant.


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