The Spurs Need To Sign This Guy!


We here at Project Spurs agree with Spurs fans that the Spurs scouting department tends to focus on talent overseas.  So we took it upon ourselves to search the U.S. for a player who can make an immediate impact.

With training camp underway and the Spurs evaluating talent for this upcoming NBA season, we here at Project Spurs would like to make the case for the Spurs to sign this baller from Idaho.  I mean just look at those ball handling skills he is displaying in his picture and don’t let his friendly smile fool you.  He has a clenched fist which means he is ready to fight and will bring toughness to the Spurs.

So without further delay, here are some reason the Spurs need to sign this guy!

  • He will give the Spurs many “looks.”
  • He plays like he has “eyes” in the back of his head.
  • He can be an “interchangeable” player at any position for the Spurs.
  • Has more personality than Tim Duncan.
  • He resembles former Spur Bruce Bowen.
  • Unlike Tony, Manu and Ian, the Spurs don’t have to worry about ankle injuries with this guy because he doesn’t have ankles!
  • Even if he removes his arms, he will still last an entire game without fouling out unlike Ian Mahinmi.
With any luck we will see this guy lighting it up for the Spurs this season.  Anything else about this Spurs prospect we missed?  Leave us a comment.

    (Special thanks to John from for contributing to this post.  For all your Boston Celtics news visit Redsarmy.)