The Most Striking Victories of San Antonio Spurs in 2021

The US basketball season 2020/2021 wasn’t quite lucky and successful for the Spurs from San Antonio, Texas. Simple mistakes in defense, strong competitors, and a tough challenge for the play-offs – these were the main factors that influenced the team coached by legendary Gregg Popovich. Nevertheless, in 2021, Spurs had several victories and even managed to keep a winning streak! Fans shouldn’t be disappointed, and everything has got a future, even the advancement to the play-offs!

According to the general statistics, Popovich’s team has gained thirty three victories in the current season, but these were not flawless, not to exclude many comebacks. Because of a few drawbacks in tactics, some fans even like forgetting the fact that their beloved team was an absolute champion in 2014, and its coach was recognized as the best in that year. It is pivotal to remain loyal to your favourite team even in the darkest times. Hence, let us not emphasize these setbacks and switch to the most striking and memorable wins of the team within the rounds of the year 2021.

San Antonio Spurs vs. Los Angeles Clippers (Jan. 5) 

The first victory received by Popovich’s team was very difficult, including the fact that the Clippers are in the top 5 strongest NBA teams. The whole game was very nervous and full of three-pointers. At the end of the game, players managed to score an equalizer, and a final ball through lots of attacks, tackles, and defense tricks. The game was really tense, and the players wanted to end the game with their advantage. Fortunately, Spurs was the luckiest one to strengthen its position in the table. Moreover, this game was very important for the team to regain motivation and face confidently against another “crew” that was victorious upon them in the previous year – Los Angeles Lakers. In addition, this victory was the beginning of their first winning streak in 2021. Three victories in a row were the maximum in the present year.

San Antonio Spurs vs. Los Angeles Lakers (Jan. 7) 

Curious, but another striking victory in 2021 so far came after the first one. The Lakers caused a lot of trouble for the Spurs at the end of 2020 when they defeated them two times in a row. Thus, there was a chance to redeem their failure, and they actually did it. With a difference of nine points,San Antonio continued their first minor winning streak and won their third game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, but with a little gap of three points.

San Antonio Spurs vs. Portland Trail Blazers (Jan. 18)

As we can see, the fascinating victories were achieved in the first month of the present year, and so was the defeat of the Blazers. After a confident game against the Houston Rockets with a score of 103:91, Popovich’s guys were really on fire and finished the final time with a cool gap – 21 points! Nevertheless, after this game, the Spurs were defeated by the Golden State Warriors, with almost the same gap.

San Antonio Spurs vs. Orlando Magic (Apr. 12)

April was the best period for the San Antonio team in the present year. The Orlando Magic wasn’t a tough team to spend lots of energy on, but the season was up to the end, and play-offs were the desired destination. And so, they managed to come victorious in this game with the biggest in 2021 gap for them – 23 points, and score 120:97. After that, the team had a final three-winning row in this season, but there was not much unrest. Up to the end of the season, the games started becoming more and more boring. However, there was a reason for fans to become delighted. And it is described below.

San Antonio Spurs vs. Milwaukee Bucks (May 10) 

This game has so many moments to pay attention to. Firstly, it is the game against one of the favorites of the tournament. Secondly, the Spurs won against another side, gaining 146 points, which is their highest score in 2021. Thirdly, it is their last victory in the present season, and after that, a row of five losses ensued. Finally, the score span was as big as in the game against the Magic. This one is definitely one of the top victories of the San Antonio Spurs. So, the team is now preparing for the next season and, as we hope, further triumphs!

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