The First Big Test Of The Spurs Season Is About To Happen

Dejounte Murray, Kevin Durant

Remember that time the San Antonio Spurs were 4-0, 25% into a four-game road trip, and we were dreaming of what an undefeated season was going to feel like?

Perhaps that didn’t really happen, but it did in my head and that’s where I do a majority of my dancing. The Spurs were red hot a week ago, but a week in the NBA can change a lot, and boy has a lot changed.

To prove that point, here are current sports betting odds for the Spurs season.

San Antonio, losers of three straight, are now 4-3 on the season. It’s over, over I say.

The good news for the Spurs is that their next contest will be played in the Alamo City; however, it will be against the reigning all-everything Golden State Warriors.

It’s all good though, fam. Kawhi Leonard, Tony Parker, and oh no why am I doing this to myself? The Spurs are grinding out the beginnings of this season, and they’ll have to do so against Golden State without Leonard or Parker.

This is a good thing, though. We’ve talked a lot about the emergence of Dejounte Murray, Brandon Paul and Rudy Gay’s what-look-like-they-will-be legitimate contributions. It’s somewhat exciting to take on the Warriors at this capacity.

Golden State is 5-3, but if we’re being honest with ourselves, records are meaningful in the NBA before Christmas the way socks are that morning. Teams are finding their grooves, working out the kinks, and trying to figure out who they’re going to try and be.

San Antonio has an opportunity to square up against what is inarguably the best team in the world, and they’ll do so with a lot of youth and freshness.

These are the games that Gregg Popovich has classically used as learning opportunities, and they’ve instilled experiences that last well beyond the game’s given timeframe.

The Spurs will have that along with Murray, Paul, Gay, and whoever else ready for Thursday night.


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