The Admiral’s son following in his footsteps


It’s just basic genetics. Courtesy of the Robinson Family/via Sports Illustrated

The offspring of professional athletes have a good chance of being athletically gifted themselves. You hear about it all the time, a lot of today’s athletes have parents that played in the same sport a few years ago.

San Antonio Spurs legend David Robinson’s son, Corey, may not be headed to the NBA, but it already looks like he’s destined to be great at something. Sports Illustrated did a piece on Corey, and his list of accomplishments will leave you in awe. The guy is an outstanding football player, but he’s also so much more than that.

The article describes him as a Renaissance man, and honestly, that seems like an understatement.

“He taught himself to play the guitar and drums, took 10 years of piano, learned the ukulele on vacation, played the saxophone in middle school, picked up the bass from his dad, makes jaw-dropping dunks for the basketball team, is a two-time state tennis qualifier in doubles, loves to cook, is teaching himself to speak French and plans to learn Italian over the summer.”

Corey says his best sport is football and that basketball is just a way to pass the time, so he probably won’t be following in Dad’s footsteps to the NBA. He may not even play professional football, despite all the scouts that are now packing the stands.  It seems to me that this kid’s future is wide open, and he can do whatever he wants.

Everyone keep an eye on Corey Robinson, he’s on the fast track to be a superstar, we just don’t know what kind yet.