‘The Admiral’ takes some good-natured ribbing from Dan Patrick


During his time in the NBA, San Antonio Spurs legend David Robinson posterized many foolish enough to challenge him in the paint but he wasn't immune from being on the receiving end.

And sports radio personality Dan Patrick made sure to remind "The Admiral" of this when he was a guest on his show.


OK so Robinson had his fair share of being posterized despite being one of the fiercest shot-blockers ever in the NBA. Who can forget what Shaquille O'Neal did to him in the 1996 All-Star Game in San Antonio?

But since Dan wants to tease Robinson on who dunked on him, let's take a look at a few of his vicious dunks when he was lacing up his sneakers for the Spurs.

Robinson has no mercy for the Clippers


Robinson with 12 dunks in one game


Robinson dunks all over the Suns


Robinson leaves the Magic in ruins