The Admiral Challenge


Every Spurs fan’s dream is to sit courtside at a Spurs game, but PinkDingo wants to take your dreams to the next level by giving you a chance to sit courtside with Spurs great and Hall-of-Famer David Robinson and a friend of your choice. Outside of San Antonio, airfare and hotel are included.

But it gets better.

Not only can you live your dream, you’ll also be supporting the Carver Academy at the same time. So how can you make this happen? Give as little as $2.99 to the Carver Academy through Pink Dingo. You can also donate $9.99, $24.99, $49.99 or write in any amount.

PinkDingo also has options to make recurring donations and a $1 donation every time the Spurs win a game.

To this date, over $12,000 has been donated. Let’s see if we can increase that even more. But if you want a chance to sit courtside, get in your donations soon, because the challenge ends tomorrow.
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