The 2010-11 San Antonio Spurs Silver Dancers


After a grueling 8-week boot camp and conditions that would make just about any grown man cry, the San Antonio Spurs have weeded out the weak, the meek and the feint of heart. 15 women survived, here are their stories:

(Actually none of that is true. Well, I suppose you could say they had some sort of boot camp – as in, they wore boots – and there are 15 women by my count, but I’m purely speculating on the conditions they were subject to – though I’m sure some of these women have made a grown man cry.

You’re not really reading this, are you?

I suggest you avert your eyes to the 15 women smiling with their eyes and bellybuttons.)

Great hair. That Lynda Fishers Hair Studio sponsorship was a smart move . . .

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