Terry still believes in Mavs


It’s not often you’ll find a defending champ that no one believes in, but that’s the case for the Dallas Mavericks. Hardly anybody thinks the Mavs can repeat the magic they had last year.

The standings still have a lot of jumbling around to do, but most likely the Mavs would have to take down the San Antonio Spurs and the Thunder without home court advantage, that’s a lot to ask.

Despite all the doubt, there is at least one guy who still believes in the Mavs. Someone who’s never short on confidence, Jason Terry, thinks Dallas still has what it takes.

“People are writing us off and thinking this team can’t do anything,” Terry said. “The standings will take care of itself. But we’re out to prove (everyone) wrong.”

Terry always seems to have compliments for himself or his team, but I have to disagree here. This Mavericks team just doesn’t have the feel of a champion. They’ve lost some of their best parts from last year’s run and the competition is going to be even tougher. Even if they could get out of the West, they’d most likely face a Miami Heat team that’s better than the one they saw last year, or a very, very good Chicago Bulls team.

Of course, you can never write off any team that makes it into the playoffs. Teams have shown in the past that your seeding doesn’t matter if you can get hot at the right time, and a few months from now I might be eating these words. I just can’t see the Mavs hoisting the Larry O’Brien trophy again this year.

By the way, the Spurs host the Mavs tonight so for those Spurs fans heading out to the AT&T Center to catch the game, might as well let Terry know exactly how annoying he is.