Terry says Mavs bench will get them to the Finals


Here is some locker room material for the San Antonio Spurs’ bench courtesy of Dallas Mavericks’ guard Jason Terry.

Terry is convinced that the Mavericks’ bench is “second to none,” but he doesn’t feel the reserves get the credit that they are due.

“When we get to the Finals and win it all, then everybody will realize what we mean to this team,” he said. (SportsDayDFW)

The Mavericks are second in the Southwest Division to the Spurs with a record of 38-16 to the Spurs’ NBA leading record 46-9 and the Spurs’ bench has a lot to do with that.

Looking at the Spurs’ main players off the bench you have Gary Neal who averages 8.7 points, George Hill at 11.2 points, Matt Bonner with 7.4 points, Antonio McDyess with 5.1 points and 5.2 rebounds. Let’s not forget, Manu Ginobili and his 17.9 points per game is perfectly fine coming off the bench if need be.

Granted Terry is averaging 15.9 points off the bench for Dallas and making a strong case for Sixth Man of the Year but the Mavericks will need more than just him coming off the bench if they want to make it to the Finals. 

However, I say let him yap all he wants.

The Spurs dismissed the Mavericks from the playoffs last season and I’m sure should these two teams meet yet again, history will repeat itself. Hopefully the Spurs’ bench will have a lot to do with that dismissal.

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