Terry gives the Spurs some locker room material


Here is some locker room material for the San Antonio Spurs.

There is a huge game looming on the horizon for the Spurs and no it’s not the Los Angeles Lakers next week. Though that is a great game as well. The Spurs will face the Dallas Mavericks in Dallas this coming Thursday which will pit two of the best teams in the NBA. Well maybe just one best team according to Mavericks’ guard Jason Terry:

“It’s still a fight. But we’ve positioned ourselves now to go out and have a great season. I think personally we’re better than every team in the league. And that’s no disrespect to the Spurs or anybody.”  (source dallasnews.com)

No disrespect Terry? OK granted the Mavericks have beaten the Spurs this season but to say you mean no disrespect might be an understatement.

Terry has always been lobbing verbal bombs at the Spurs going as far as saying it’s personal with him when it comes to the Spurs, accusing the Spurs of dirty play and let’s not forget the punch to the groin of former Spur Michael Finley. Even this past summer, Terry sounded off about the Spurs beating the Mavericks in the 2010 NBA playoffs in a supposed conversation with coach Popovich this summer in Las Vegas. Though Popovich denied instigating that particular point.

Wait there’s more. Dirk Nowitzki also chimed in about the Spurs’ winning ways:

“They’re playing well,” Nowitzki said of the Spurs. “Good teams play hard, and you have to give them credit. It almost seems like they changed their philosophy a bit, but for some reason, the Spurs always win. They used to win games, 75-74, and now they win games 110-109, but it’s the same thing. They always win.”

All this does is keeps the heated rivalry between these two team alive and well. After this statement by Terry, I’m sure all Spurs fans will be tuning in to watch this colossal matchup. 

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