Ten Directions To Follow In Forming A Winning Fantasy Basketball Team

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The 2020 NBA Finals is now set after a dramatic Conference Finals took place last September. The Miami Heat dispatched the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Finals while the LA Lakers managed to pound the Denver Nuggets for the Western Finals. The NBA Finals will then commence starting October 1, 2020, a best seven-game series.

While most basketball fans are rooting for either the Heat or Lakers to take home this year’s NBA title, bettors still have the chance to play DFS basketball online. Today, many bookies are offering DFS NBA games, especially as the finals are fast approaching. They offer huge prizes, so make sure to create the best fantasy basketball team as possible.

As you go along and find the best players today to play DFS basketball, it might come a little challenging since all talents are deserving to get picked. But, to ease your burden and get guided on how to quickly form your successful Daily Fantasy Basketball team, here are essential rules to follow.

First Pick Is The Most Crucial

When you aim to draft a successful DFS basketball team, you should be mindful of your first picks. This is the most crucial one, as it will determine the structure of your team. When doing this, take time to pick the best talents in the field. Find players who can dominate in assists, rebounds, and scoring.

Start With Big 3 Players

With Miami Heat facing the LA Lakers in the finals, there are many things at stake happening. For DFS basketball, you have to find at least the big three players in today’s NBA season. You can either pick LeBron James,  Derrick Jones, and Anthony Davis. These three players are the biggest scorers in the 2020 NBA and can make your DFS NBA successful.

Search For Breakout Stars

During the NBA Finals, the coaches have to give out their best shots to rule each match in the best of seven-game series. Aside from giving the best talents in the court, break out stars can come out when they need them the most. Considering players that have stayed on the bench yet can score impressively might help you build a good DFS basketball team.

Don’t Disregard Veteran Players

Some DFS basketball bettors tend to find rookie players to include in their roster. While there is nothing wrong with doing this, veteran players can still outsmart them. These vets have been playing for a long time, and their skills are honed well. In your next DFS basketball team, do not forget the veteran players to end up victorious.

Guards Should Not Be Turnover Machines

Turnovers both in real NBA and fantasy games are common, so it does not help you win. Compared to other positions inside the court, the Guards need more attention since they handle, control, and pass the ball most of the time. You have to find Guards consistent in their past performance not to mess up your DFS basketball team.

Look For An All-Around Guy

Mostly, you can find NBA players who are experts in their respective skills. One player may be useful in passing and assists but is poor in scoring. There are only a few players who can dominate both the offense and defense. So, if you dream of building a winning DFS basketball team, find a player who can score on all sides.

Consider Players Who Are Double Threat

As mentioned, the NBA Finals this year is between the Laker and the Heat, where these teams are contracting huge players for their team. Talents like Davis, James, Jones, Butler, and Kuzma can emerge as double threats for other players. Spend time to study their past performances to select the best one.

Be Mindful Of Rookie Players

It wouldn’t hurt your DFS basketball team when you decide to risk for rookie players. However, this year, the NBA season has faced major setbacks and schedule changes, so not all rookie players have the same playing time as the veteran. If you are willing to count on these talents, make sure that these rookies have overwhelming scorecards.

Don’t Discount Scoring

A team that can generate higher points until the game ends will surely win the match. Although this is the primary goal, some factors can affect how the team can score hugely. Ensure that you look for players who are doing excellently in the rebounds, assists, and passing since they are the ones who help huge players to shoot the ball and score.

Be Confident With Your DFS Basketball Roster

It might be the last rule, but trusting a DFS basketball team you have formed is as important as what is mentioned above. Do not come up and risk a weaker roster to fulfill your dream of winning DFS basketball. Your goal should be earning the highest prize, and it can come true once you are sure that the lineup you build is stronger like no other.


Playing DFS basketball is fun and, at the same time, thrilling. Now that the 2020 NBA season is coming to its nearing end, the fantasy game it brings offers huge prizes. Hence, it’s not too late to gamble in DFS basketball, and by following the rules outlined above, you can build a successful lineup to bring home the bacon.