Duncan or Garnett? A former Spur decides


Who is the better power-forward? Tim Duncan or Kevin Garnett? This question has been debated ever since these two players squared off for the first time in the NBA. So who better to ask than someone who has played with both players.

In an interview with rtvslo.com, former San Antonio Spur, Rasho Nesterovic, was asked who left a better impression on him: Garnett or Duncan?

This is a very rough translation but here is what he had to say:

I must say that to me especially Duncan. It is a true team leader. Garnett is a phenomenal basketball player, with exceptional […] and knowledge, but I think that is mentally strong enough to be a team leader. Where [he] to stay in Minnesota, in my view, it won the rings. Thus, when he went to Boston, he made the right move and he did it because the Celtics Paul Pierce, who is the team leader says that in the critical moments range bins.

Basically for Nesterovic, Duncan gets the edge since he won NBA titles with the same team and Garnett didn’t. Also he states Duncan is a better leader.

Though you have to wonder if he didn’t pick Garnett seeing how he used to get constantly taunted by him for not being intense on the court when the two were team mates with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

So who do you feel was the better power-forward or do I even have to ask that question on a Spurs blog?