Talking With The Enemy – Part 3


Once again Spurs fans I ventured into enemy territory with Rey Moralde of The No Look Pass and do some reconnaissance on the Spurs’ rival, the Los Angeles Lakers.

In this conversation Rey and I talk about the Spurs slow start, their loss against the Phoenix Suns and their turnover-happy ways. I then hit back at Laker nation and remind Rey the Lakers are about go enter a very tough part of their schedule.

Here is our discussion.

Rey: Well, last night wasn’t exactly great for your boys, wasn’t it?

Jeff: I saw this coming a mile away. They haven’t proven they can beat quality teams so far this season. Plus the Suns are playing much better than I expected. But Duncan……! 24 points and 14 boards.

Rey: I still think Duncan can bring it. This slow start of the Spurs definitely has a lot of people talking. But I still haven’t counted them out.

Jeff: Spurs do have a history of starting off slow. Look at their record in 2003. They went 19-13 before going nuts on the NBA and winning a title.

Rey: Are you concerned that the Spurs have started off 2-6 on the road?

Jeff: Very much so. A team with this much veteran leadership should be able to get it done on the road. Mental lapses, turnovers, and defensive breakdowns from a Spurs team is unacceptable to me.

Rey: Yeah, I noticed that you’ve been watching their turnover count the past few games.

Jeff: Do you blame me? This team had 28 turnovers in a recent game. 28!

Rey: And that was against the almighty Bobcats, right?

Jeff: See, they can get away with that because it’s the Cats and get away with committing 19 turnovers against the Kings but doing that against the quality teams in the NBA? As we say here in NYC “fugetaboutit.”

Rey: The Spurs’ defense has also surprised me. How can they let Goran Dragic score 18 points? And a loss to Phoenix? Really?

Jeff: One key to look for in last night’s game was the Spurs had to close out on the Suns three point shooters. Didn’t do that. Frye, Dragic, and Nash were getting looks and making the shots. Plus their interior defense was nowhere to be found. Amare was absolutely demolishing us. But then again, Amare has his way against the Spurs in the past.

Rey: So what do you attribute the Spurs’ slow start to? Their defense? Or Richard Jefferson?

Click HERE to read the entire Spurs-Lakers discussion at The No Look Pass.

Speaking of The No Look Pass, I had the opportunity to meet Peter Kim this past weekend in New York City.  He writes for The No Look Pass and is a co-host for the Chronicles of Crotty podcast. Well after a tough recruitment process, Peter has decided to join Project Spurs and betray the guys at The No Look Pass.  He was quoted as saying, “I had a good run with TNLP but they were holding me back. Here at Project Spurs I can be more and showcase my blogging talents.” We sealed the deal with a trip to Madison Square Garden to enjoy the Clippers vs. Knicks game. Sorry Rey, Dave, Nick and Jimmy.

(Please note Peter did not join Project Spurs. We are messing with the guys at The No Look Pass)

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