Talking with the enemy again!


With the Lakers and Spurs finishing the season 2-2 in head-to-head matchups, once again I venture into enemy territory and speak with Lakers blogger and friend of Project Spurs, Rey Moralde, of The No Look Pass.

Here we talk about the Spurs recent win over the Lakers, Phil Jackson’s antics, are the Lakers worried about the Spurs if they meet in the first round and much more including a discussion on Katharine McPhee versus Olivia Munn.

: Suck on that LA!

Rey: It’s a big win by San Antonio. It’s just… hard for me to be concerned about the Lakers. I don’t know what to think of them.

Jeff: Sure you guys didn’t have Bynum but we didn’t have Tony Parker and lost George Hill and still got the W.
Rey: As I always say… the Spurs will never die.

Jeff: Speaking of never dieing, Manu torched the Lakers. Dropped 32. Uh I thought Ron Artest was a perimeter defender?
Rey: He let the technical get into his head. Really threw him off. He should know better.

Jeff: Oh I see you are now sounding like Phil Jackson. Nice job Rey!
Rey: Oh, give me a break. Do you see me blaming the referees?

Jeff: Yea WTF? Phillip not see the box score?
Rey: It’s hard to blame the refs when you get blown out of the building. And the game was still close at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

Jeff: Speaking of box score, are the Lakers just a 5 man team? Spurs bench outscored the Lakers bench 20-4. 4 points! Really?
Rey: The bench can do better. If AND when Bynum comes back, Lamar Odom should shore up that bench. Plus I’m not as concerned about the bench, really, as they have been pretty good as of late.

Jeff: Recently Spurs coach Pop and Lakers coach “crybaby” errrrrrr I mean Phil been “complimenting” each others squads. Philsaid he is worried about the Spurs and Pop said he is trying to avoid the Lakers. If they do meet in the opening round, I still feel Lakers will come out on top.
Rey: I do, too… but dammit, it’s hard to gauge their performance. They won’t be playing for much more in the next few games. I’m just waiting for the playoffs to start. At L.A.’s best, they’re still the favorites in the West.

Jeff: I called Phillip a “crybaby” and you do know why right?
Rey: You mentioned the refs. Any other reason?

Jeff: Blaming the refs AGAIN? Seriously Phil. Will he give some cred to the Spurs?
Rey: Phil Jackson is concerned. We all know he throws out that psychological warfare.

Jeff: As much as I say the Lakers will win a series vs the Spurs, I still have the Spurs making it interesting because of the stronger bench and better backcourt. If the Spurs were to upset the Lakers would you be surprised?
Rey: No. It’s the Spurs. I know what they’re capable of. Maybe if it was… say… the Thunder upsetting the Lakers, then I’d be surprised. But come on, look at those string of victories the Spurs have: Cleveland, Boston, Orlando, Lakers…

Jeff: You forget the fail loss to the Nets. It’s shit like that which makes me worried about the Spurs team.
Rey: Eh, every team has a bad day. The Lakers lost to the Clippers earlier this year, too.

Jeff: Spurs and Lakers went 2-2 this season. If its them both in the first round, will it be a war or a cake walk for either team?
Rey: It’s a war. I can see it going seven.

Jeff: Know what else is a war? Katharine McPhee vs. Olivia Munn. McPhee is so the chick you can take home. Munn is down and can hang with you and the fellas.
Rey: I’ll take Olivia Munn.

Jeff: Man I will take McPhee. Brunette version though. I think you are underestimating her hotness.
Rey: I probably am but I always wanted to play Street Fighter with Olivia Munn.
Jeff: It’s win-win.

Rey: The Spurs, though… Ginobili is hot. Parker will be back. One-and-done? Or title contender?
Jeff: McPhee is so underrated. You guys are fools. But I might be one and done if I got her alone.
Rey: I’m guessing you’re still not taking the Spurs seriously.

Jeff: Dammitt Rey! McPhee. She is clouding my train of thought
Rey: Hey, look here. I’m trying to do my part in this conversation. (Olivia Munn… Olivia Munn… Olivia Munn…)

Jeff: OK. Focus is back. Spurs are not a title contender. Even if by some miracle they get past LA, the Nuggs, Jazz and Mavs will be a problem.
Rey: And you don’t think they can run through the West if they get past L.A. Beating L.A. would be a HUGE confidence-booster.
Jeff: Hell no. It would be a boost but the Spurs lack the front-court of the Nuggs, against the Jazz they got swept, and the Mavs additions of Caron Butler, and Bendan Haywood will be headaches for the Spurs.

Jeff: Rey. Take a look at this! BAM!

Rey: Okay… bottom line… you don’t think Spurs are a title contender… I still do. And we both think the Lakers are still the faves… but I can’t gauge them very well until the postseason starts. All right. Awesome. Here.

Jeff: (heading to men’s room)
Rey: I don’t think he’s going there to flush the Spurs’ chances of winning a title…