Talking with Rockets' Luis Scola


San Antonio Spurs fans know what happened between Houston Rockets’ Luis Scola and the Spurs.

In sum, after being drafted by San Antonio in 2002, the Spurs could not get him to join the squad and the Spurs would eventually trade him to the their inter-divisional rival Rockets where he has become a great player in the NBA.

Now some Spurs fans still wonder what could have been.

Before the Spurs-Rockets game this past Saturday, I had a chance to speak with Scola where he spoke on the Spurs best record, Tim Duncan and more. To read part one of this interview click HERE.

Jeff: The Spurs own the best record in the league. Did you expect this coming from San Antonio?

Luis: To be honest I didn’t expect this, that they would be this good at this point of the season. After I saw them play, it makes perfect sense.

During the summer at the FIBA World Championship you played phenomenally. Are you worried about fatigue setting in for you as the season progresses?

No I think it helped me.

Manu Ginobili did not get voted into the All-Star game by the fans. Does he deserve a spot on the Western Conference bench even though other guards in the West are just as deserving?

Oh yeah no question! There’s a lot of great players in the West but he deserves it. I think he will go.

You battled against Tim Duncan since you came into the NBA and now that he is nearing the end of his career, have you noticed any decline in his game out on the court?

I’m such a big fan of Tim Duncan. I’ll never say he is playing worse or declining in his career. I just think he is just dangerous and he’s just a great player. He’s maybe not getting the same numbers as before but I think he still has the ability to do it if he wants to.