Talking Spurs with the WOAI Roundtable


Earlier today, Jeff Garcia and I joined News 4 WOAI’s Humberto Cervera and Kyle Boenitz to talk Spurs, Cowbys and Longhorns for the WOAI Sports Roundtable.

This was Jeff’s second time on the Roundtable and was a pro. He gave me tips and told me what to look out for. As for me, it was my first time and though I did have the butterflies, it felt just like a podcast. Except with three cameras in my face and all of San Antonio watching. Yeah! No Pressure.

Also we plugged the epic live show Project Spurs/Spurscast is hosting this Saturday beginning at 6 PM at Rumi Lounge.

I was in the blue shirt and Jeff was in the grey blazer. Oh and don’t hate on my awesome tennis shoes and ankle high socks.

Check it out!