Talking With The Enemy . . . Again!


After the Spurs beat the Los Angeles Lakers, you know I had to invade Laker’s nation and well . . . rub it in their faces. So once again I spoke with Rey Moralde of The No Look Pass to talk about the first meeting between the Spurs and Lakers. Enjoy.

Rey: Isn’t someone happy today? Ha ha ha. I didn’t expect something like THIS.
Jeff: Is this where I prepare for Laker Nation to say “no Gasol and a banged-up Bryant”?
Rey: The rest of Laker Nation, yes, but you’re not going to hear me say that.
Jeff: But as a Spurs fan, I would have liked to have seen a full L.A. squad. I still say in the end, the Lakers will win the West,
Rey: I still say that, too… but I’m starting to get concerned about Kobe’s health.
Jeff: Okay, so the L.A. bench. Horrible.
Rey: Uh, yes. Horrible.
Jeff: Spurs bench annihilated the L.A. bench last night.
Jeff: 51 points to 20 points.
Rey: I had been raving about how your team is so deep 1-12.
Jeff: This is an area Laker Nation has to be worried about.
Rey: When Odom is on the bench, it covers a lot of weaknesses.
Jeff: But big props to Bynum. He took it to Duncan.
Rey: Yeah. Hopefully, he keeps it up. He seems to play well whenever he’s rumored to get traded.
Jeff: Wait. Odom off the bench helps but it doesn’t fix the issue that much.
Rey: Phil’s probably hoping he gets the Farmar and Vujacic of two years ago.
Jeff: What about the play of TD. Wasn’t he washed up heading into this season?
Rey: Ha ha. I didn’t say that. But the guy should be considered for MVP, too, considering Parker’s really not tearing it up. Unless Parker goes against Derek Fisher every game.
Jeff: Speaking of Fish, is it time for the Lakers to sit him on the bench?
Rey: I would like him to. I understand he’s got veteran wisdom and he hits clutch shots… but point guards just burn him every game.
Jeff: But who comes in? Farmar?
Rey: Farmar’s actually been playing clutch minutes as of late… and he’s BEEN playing better.

– – – – –

Rey: So… Spurs were 9-9 at one point and left for dead. 14-4 since. I’m sure you expected this. I did.
Jeff: No, I didn’t. And I am still not sold. Look what happened vs the Mavs. Had a 13-point lead and blew it. Allowed the Mavs to drop 42 in the 4th. And that 14-4 record is built on chump teams. The real record I’m looking at is the play against quality teams.

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