Suns break down the Spurs’ plays


The video coordinator is the life-line to the coaching staff when it comes to breaking down an opposing team’s plays on offense and defense. Not only that, it is not uncommon to see NBA video coordinators work their way up to higher positions among the team such as an assistant coach or even a head coach in the NBA.

In an article from on the life of the Phoenix Suns’ video coordinator, there was this interesting tidbit about how the Suns were preparing for the San Antonio Spurs after the Spurs eliminated the Dallas Mavericks from the 2010 NBA playoffs: 

“When San Antonio was up 3-1 (against the Mavs in the playoffs), we started preparing more for the Spurs. By the time they clinched, 75 percent of our work was done.”

For example, when preparing for San Antonio during the playoffs, Valcarcel was able to determine that the Spurs ran post-ups about 80 possessions within nine games. In addition, they were looking to get Tim Duncan the ball in early post-ups at least 10 times within a game.

In the end, all this homework paid off for the Suns as they swept the Spurs in the Western Conference semi-finals finally defeating their nemesis in the playoffs.

Now if they can only win a title like the Spurs have done four times.

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