Summer League Profile: Donell Taylor


the 2009 NBA Summer League beginning this weekend, and the Spurs
playing their first game July 12, we here at Project Spurs will begin
to profile some players on the team. We’ll continue with Donell Taylor.

Height: 6’5″
Weight: 193 lbs.
Position: G

Taylor played at Oskaloosa-Walton Community College before transferring to the University of Alabama-Birmingham, playing there with his twin brother, Ronell. Undrafted, the Wizards signed him in 2005, where he played until he spent the 2007 preseason with the Bobcats. He then spent some time in the Greek League, playing for Maroussi BC in 07-08, and and Egaleo BC in 08-09. While at Egaleo, he averaged 12 points and 4 rebounds in 26 minutes per game.

Positives: He hits about 2 threes a game, and fouls very little, averaging only .1 fouls per game. While with the Wizards, some fans compared him favorably against Roger Mason, notably on the defensive end. Being only 26, he still has time to refine his game into a productive role player.

Negatives: He only makes the 3 at a 27% clip, and all field goals at 46%. He’s also terrible at the charity stripe, only netting 66% there. He only turned the ball over twice a game last year, but that number is sure to go up in summer league.

Overall Outlook: He has a fairly well rounded game, but it isn’t anything to brag about. He’ll fill a roster spot for us during summer league, but in all likelihood, he’ll go back to Europe, or be a bench player for the Toros.

On the bright side, we did find a highlight with Donell on the dunking end of a beautiful pass from his brother Ronell.