Strategies for Betting on the Spurs in 2019-2020

The San Antonio Spurs’ season has come to an end after falling in the first round of the playoffs to the Denver Nuggets, but there is already another season to look forward to. San Antonio’s future is bright, as its young core has gained another year of experience under one of the best coaches of all-time. And that excitement could prompt Spurs fans to put their money where their mouth is by betting on the Spurs. And with these strategies, betting on the Spurs could be profitable indeed.

Betting against the public

One of the best strategies in all of sports betting is to bet against the public. And that philosophy has the potential to work out well with the Spurs next season, as they could still be underestimated against some of the elite teams in the NBA. This is especially true early in the season, where the Spurs won’t be seen as an elite team right away despite showing their incredible potential in their conclusion to this season against the Denver Nuggets.

Despite that potential, the betting public will be on the top teams in the NBA against the Spurs, which could present a great chance for bettors to go against the public to win their NBA wagers. As for why this is one of the best moves in the world of sports betting tips and strategies, it is a function of how the market reacts to the public money. If the public is convinced that the Spurs can’t tackle those top teams, but sharp money comes in on the Spurs, that is as good a sign as any that the public should be bet against in those spots. Identifying those spots is the key to the success of this strategy.

Spurs futures betting

Futures betting is an interesting way to go about betting on the NBA, as it requires more patience than single-game wagering. Instead of betting on one game, a bettor is tasked with wagering on the outcome of the entire season in terms of who is going to win the championship or the Western Conference. This season, the Spurs could be a great value to win the West given that nobody expects them to do so.

San Antonio looks like it¬†will be bringing Gregg Popovich back with a contract extension. And another year with the team’s young players will be a huge positive for the team. Combine that with the fact that the Golden State Warriors are going to get worse after this season, assuming that they get rid of either Kevin Durant or Klay Thompson during the offseason after their postseason run is complete. And with the Denver Nuggets still being unproven in their own right, and the Oklahoma City Thunder still failing to find consistent form in the playoffs, the Spurs could very well slide in and win the West.

These strategies could pay off very well for Spurs fans and bettors in the upcoming season, as both fading the public and looking to the future are strategies that often play well in the NBA.