Still Feel Confident Spurs Fans?


After last night’s ass kicking by the Hornets on the Spurs, should Spurs fans feel confident going into game 6? F%*K NO!
The Spurs looked uninspired all game long. This should sum it up for you if you didn’t see the game. . . 11 points in the 3rd quarter! 11 freaking points by your defending NBA Champs! More like NBA Chumps!
The Hornets played like they had a gun to their head and it showed. They played awesome D, showed a killer instinct, and David freaking West just annihilated the Spurs even with a bad back! Chris Paul only diced up the Spurs D in the second half and the Spurs again fell into their 3 quarter meltdowns. This team can’t even weather the Hornet storm in the 3 quarters!
So who is to blame? Tim Duncan and his piss poor performance? Tony Parker for letting the refs get to him? The supposed “best bench the Spurs ever had”? Coach Pop? I say every friggin’ one of them! Pop shoulders this one more in my opinion. He knows they have the second-half blues in New Orleans and he didn’t prep this team and draw up some plan to fix this. This 3rd quarter meltdown by the Spurs is not just a one time thing. This is an epidemic! And Pop did not do anything to fix this problem. Case in point, last night’s game. . . for the 3 quarter, they were 5-for-18 from the floor with four turnovers. Way to go Spurs.
There is no excuse for this team to lose like that to New Orleans! Even if they win tomorrow and force a game 7 guess what?!? Game 7 is in New Orleans or like those NBA commericals go “New Orleans, where the Spurs get ass-raped in the third quarter.”

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