Steve Kerr: Spurs best in the West before Westbrook injury, can beat Miami in Finals


When Thunder's Russell Westbrook went down with an injury and was later deemed out for the rest of the playoffs, many pointed to the San Antonio Spurs as the hands-down favorite to come out of the Western Conference and play for the 2012 NBA title. However, former Spurs guard Steve Kerr thought otherwise.

Kerr was a guest on Bloguin's Awful Announcing podcast and he made it clear – the Spurs are the best in the West playoffs even before Westbrook went down with an injury.

Take a listen to what TNT's Kerr had to say about his former team (at the 19:50 point of audio below) including what the Thunder will have to do without Westbrook and why he thinks they'll come out of the West. In a nutshell, he thinks the team is too deep and even feels the Spurs can defeat the Heat should they meet in the NBA Finals.