Stephen Jackson supplants DeJuan Blair as top Spur rapper


NBA players spend their summers differently.  Some guys (Tim Duncan) hang out at the pool with their kids and do wind sprints at local tracks.  Others (all of the international San Antonio Spurs) compete in international competition.  Others work on their musical, um, talents.  If you follow DeJuan Blair on Twitter you know he’s not shy about dropping a bar or two, but DeJuan was dethroned as Spurs music king last March.  The new king of the Spurs rap game is the “Cap’n” himself, Stephen Jackson.

Jackson told Ticket 760 earlier this month his summer has been spent working on and promoting his upcoming album. Jackson said his growth as a basketball player and as rapper have grown together.

“Basketball has always been my first love, that was my blessing from God,” Jackson said. “I think as my career developed, that developed. I’ve always had a passion for music growing up, singing in the church choir and all that stuff. So as time passed I recognized another talent which is music. So I just took it seriously just as I took my basketball seriously.”

Jackson went on to say that he’s going to play basketball until “the game doesn’t let me play no more” but does plan to keep making music until “I can’t talk no more.” 

Good for Jack doing something he’s passionate about and having relative success at it (especially compared to other basketball players who try to rap). Spurs fans probably just Jack’s been playing a little of basketball in between shows and studio sessions.