Stephen Jackson ‘loves’ Kevin Durant


Of all the people disappointed by the Oklahoma City Thunder losing to the Miami Heat in this year’s finals, it looks like San Antonio Spurs’ Stephen Jackson would put himself near the top of the list.

Jackson put a picture on Instagram (h/t Ball Don’t Lie) of him wearing a bib that he wrote “World’s biggest Kevin Durant fan” on. I’m sure the irony here is not lost on anyone, seeing as how the Spurs were just bounced from the playoffs by Durant and the Thunder. Also, I think KD’s mom might have a thing or two to say about this picture.

Is it possible Captain Jack has some sneaky motives here? Is he sucking up and hoping to land himself a spot on the Thunder roster? He’s only got one year left on his contract before he’s an unrestricted free agent, maybe he’s trying to find his next team already.

Or maybe it’s just a guy supporting a colleague. It’s only basketball, not war. Once you’re off the court, who says you can’t be a fan of your opponent?

Either way, it’s clearly not bugging Stephen Jackson that the Spurs missed out on a championship this year. I guess he’s content with his one ring for now. Seems like he’s more hungry for crab legs than a trip to the NBA Finals.