Stephen Jackson is the best, admits to mailing it in with Bobcats


Milwaukee Bucks’ Stephen Jackson is a reporter/blogger’s dream.

You never know what greatness will fly out of his mouth. Recently, he told a media gaggle in Charlotte that he mailed it in after the Bobcats traded Gerald Wallace last season.

“When Gerald left, I really left,’’ Jackson said at morning shootaround at Time Warner Cable Arena. “Considering what we did (getting to) the playoffs, and then all those changes. To take Gerald away really took a lot out of me. I still was trying to do my job as best I can, but it was a lot harder. When they got rid of Gerald, that let me know they didn’t want to win. I didn’t want to be part of a place like that.’’

The ex-San Antonio Spurs player was a part of a three team trade on Draft night that sent him to Milwaukee. He has since asked for a contract extension. He has two seasons left on his current deal. He had two seasons left on his last deal when he asked for an extension. Once he got it, he then forced his way out of Golden State.

Like I said, Jackson is the best. All that being said, if you’re a contender looking for a wing, you’d want him on your team.