Stephen Jackson has a warning for Thunder’s Ibaka (Update)


Update: Jackson deleted his previous tweet on Ibaka but added this note on his Twitter timeline saying his comment had nothing to do with Metta's tussle with Ibaka rather it stemmed from previous run ins with the OKC center:

Last night during the Lakers-Thunder matchup, Serge Ibaka and Metta World Peace got into a bit of a scuffle late in the game. No punches were thrown, the players were separated and in the end, it was just posturing between the two players.

However, San Antonio Spurs' Stephen Jackson must have seen the altercation and chimed in with his two-cents on Ibaka. Needless to say, he gave Serge a fair warning should the Thunder's big man cross him the wrong way.


The Spurs and Thunder will meet later this month (December 17) in Oklahoma City, so keep an eye on Jackson and Ibaka should their paths cross on the court.

Let's just hope Jackson or Ibaka or any other player doesn't get into a fight and cooler heads prevail should anything occur. Recall Jackson was part of the infamous "Malice at the Palace" brawl.

Check out the video of the scuffle between Ibaka and Peace to see what got Jackson worked up.

(photo via Jackson's Instagram)