Stephen Jackson: ‘Dallas sucks to me’


You never want to miss those moments when an NBA player just loves to “tell you how it is.” I got SJto live this experience last season when Tony Allen of the Memphis Grizzlies started rapping in the locker room like no one was there, yet there were about 15 people in the locker room.

Allen then went on to tell me, ME, what I thought he should improve on?

Take former San Antonio Spurs forward Stephen Jackson. Jackson definitely let the Milwaukee media know where his stance is on a variety of issues from wanting to trade his own teammates if they’re not competitive, acting as if he never knew the lockout happened, thinking of his former championship team as a model for this season, and even bashing the current NBA champions.

I advise you to read the highly entertaining interview put together by with Jackson. In the mean time, here are some of Jackson’s thoughts.

“Who won the championship again? I didn’t even watch the playoffs.”

“Dallas sucks to me.”

Obviously the year spent with the Spurs may still be a strong part of Jackson for him to have such resentment toward the Mavericks. In 2003 when the Spurs won their second NBA title, they had to face and eliminate Dallas. Jackson also had his battles with Dallas when he was with the Warriors and Golden State upset the Mavericks in a one-eight historical first round series.

“Last time I had a good point guard and a big man, I was able to win a championship, that was with San Antonio.”

“We have all the tools here. We got two stars in Brandon and Andrew. This their team, no question about that. Me and the other guys, we gotta buy in and back these guys up.”

If you read the interview, Jackson said that he’s definitely chasing a title in Milwaukee. He feels that this Bucks team has some the same pieces his 03′ Spurs team had when they were able to win it all. I don’t think Brandon Jennings is Tony Parker nor do I think Andrew Bogut will ever be comparable to Tim Duncan, but not you or I can stop Jackson from imagining, right?

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