Stats of the Game: Spurs vs. Suns Game 2


For the second straight game, the San Antonio Spurs failed to make a defensive stop or make the right plays when it counted. As a result, they will head back home facing 0-2 deficit against the Phoenix Suns.

One thing is clear, these aren’t the same Suns. They have more firepower on offense and this time, they are playing better defense. The Spurs have a lot catching up to do and they have to do it quick.

For the meantime, here are some stats that led to a 2-0 series advantage by the Suns over the Spurs.

110 – Two games above 100 points equals two wins by the Suns. The Spurs are 0-4 in this year’s playoffs when their opponents score above 100.

68.2 – Free throws continue to be a major concern for the Spurs, they are getting enough shots but are not converting them. After missing nine foul shots in game one, they followed it up with a 15-22 outing or 68.2% shooting from the foul line.

49 – The Spurs were able to shot better from the field 50.6% to 42.4%. But were badly out hustled on the boards 49-37 including 18-7 on offensive rebounds which resulted to more scoring opportunities for the Suns.

38.9 – The Spurs are NOT making enough three-pointers, converting just 7 of 18 attempts (38.9%), including 0-3 from Matt Bonner. The Suns shot better from behind the arc with 47.4%; Channing Frye made 5-6 of his 3 point shots.

29 – Tim Duncan had a game high 29 points and added 10 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 blocks and a steal; but still it wasn’t enough to beat the Suns.

11 – Manu Ginobili had 11 points and 11 assists, but only shot 2-8 from the field and had 3 turnovers.

1 – For the Spurs to comeback in this series, they had to take it one game at a time. The first two games that was won by the Suns, was decided in the final minutes of the final period.

The take

The Phoenix Suns held homecourt and are now holding a 2-0 series lead. Will the Spurs be able to even the series? We’ ll soon find out, but all hope is not yet lost. As the series shifts to San Antonio, the Spurs have the chance to return the favor.