Spurscast Special: Interview with Dan Ehrlich


Dan Ehrlich isn’t your average Spurs fan living in South Texas and being close enough to the action to take in a few games a season and watch the rest on local TV. Dan lives in London and originally became a Spurs fan while living in Israel.

Unlike most overseas Spurs fan, he didn’t start following the Spurs because of a foreign import from his home country or because they were the best team at the time. In fact there is no exact science to why he started following the Spurs in the 90’s, but now he stays up late to try to get any Spurs coverage he can and even stayed up till 2 a.m. for this special Spurscast interview.
We asked him about being a Spurs fan in London and his thoughts on the changes made so far this offseason through the draft, trades and free agency.
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