Spurscast #166: Summer League


On this episode of the Spurscast, Michael and Jeff talk about the signing of Antonio McDyess before interviewing Pistons blogger and Dyess fan Natalie Sitto of Need4Sheed.com.

Natalie gives us some insight on what we can expect from McDyess and talk a lot on the type of player and person he is. While he may not fit our need for a center, Jeff and I are both glad to have a player that shows some heart and passion.
On the second half of the show, we talk to Chris Denker of NetScouts Basketball for a preview of Las Vegas Summer League and more information on the players who are suiting up for the Spurs.
Be sure to keep an eye on Project Spurs a few hours or the morning after each Spurs summer league game as we will have recaps and an interview with Chris about the game and players that stood out.
We’ll also have a special episode of the Spurscast tomorrow, interviewing Dan Ehrlich, a die hard Spurs fan in London, and tonight, we’ll be liveblogging the Spurs second summer league game.

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