Spurscast: Thaddeus Young Trade Rumors, Latest on Ben Simmons

San Antonio Spurs podcast

In Spurscast episode 627, Spurscast host Paul Garcia and Project Spurs founder Michael De Leon discuss the latest San Antonio Spurs news: 

  • Which players are most likely to be waived or traded before opening night of the regular season?
  • The latest Thaddeus Young trade rumors
  • Ben Simmons wanting out of
  • A cap space projection for the Spurs next summer

Who is most likely to be waived or traded before opening night of the regular season?

With Thaddeus Young, Al-Farouq Aminu, and Chandler Hutchison entering the season on the final year of their contracts, they appear to be the most likely players to be traded or waived before the first game of the regular season.

The Spurs currently have 17 players on guaranteed deals. Before the opening game of the regular season, they have to get the roster down to 15 players on guaranteed deals. This means two players either need to be traded or waived before the opening game of the season.

Latest Thaddeus Young Trade Rumors

The Phoenix Suns and Cleveland Cavaliers are two teams reportedly interested in trading for Young.

In order for the Spurs to trade Young to a team over the cap, San Antonio would have to take back a player or two to make the salaries match in a potential deal.

Three teams with trade exceptions large enough to absorb Young’s $14.1 million salary are the Boston Celtics, New Orleans Pelicans, and Orlando Magic.

Ben Simmons wants out of Philadelphia

Several media outlets are reporting Ben Simmons has told the Philadelphia 76ers he wants to be traded and there’s reports he may not show up to training camp, which is less than four weeks away.

Since the Spurs reportedly had interest in Simmons around draft time, their name has come up among the favorites to land Simmons in a trade when looking at the betting site BetOnline.AG.

Cap Space for next Summer

The Spurs are projected to be able to open $32.9 million in cap space next offseason, if they waive all players on non-guaranteed deals, allow all free agents to walk, and land the 6th pick in the lottery.

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