Besides www.projectspurs.com/podcast, you can also get here by pointing your preferred browser (Firefox, I hope) to spurscast.projectspurs.com. I still need to speak to the peepz at blogsome to see if they will forward spurscast.blogsome.com over here.

Also while moving servers, three of the old mp3 files were taken off of our rss feed, so I will repost all 5 of the previous Spurscast mp3 files and they will be relinked on the rss feed (feeds.feedburner.com/spurscast).

Also, I am recording tonight, so you should have Spurscast number 6 available for direct download, or by download from itunes or any of the other sites which I have links to on the right. Also, if you have the Spurscast rss feed in your podcatching software (ipodder, etc..) and you are subscribed, The Spurscast should automatically download.

Any comments, opinions, etc.. are always welcome, and two other people have contacted me about joining Melissa and I on the podcast. If you are a Spurs fan, and want your opinion heard, contact us, or Skype Me (button and number on sidebar).