Spurscast: Spurs Win Draft Lottery, Ability to Draft Wembanyama


In Spurscast episode 698, Spurscast host Paul Garcia and Project Spurs writer Benjamin Bornstein discuss:  

  • The Spurs landing the number one pick in the draft lottery to draft Victor Wembanyama
  • The Spurs’ offseason approach going forward
  • The Spurs’ different cap space outlooks

Spurscast Breakdown

Spurs land number one pick to draft Victor Wembanyama

Tuesday was a memorable day for the San Antonio Spurs franchise, with the team participating in the NBA Draft Lottery and landing the number one overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft. Landing the first overall pick will give the Spurs the ability to draft a franchise-changing player in Victor Wembanyama of France.

For many Spurs fans, the night was a celebration similar to 1997, when the team won the draft lottery in being able to draft Hall-of-Famer Tim Duncan.

Wembanyama is going to put the Spurs back on a path to compete for championships in the future. Although the team he’s joining in his first year is different from the 1998 squad Duncan joined that won 56 games. In 1998, the Spurs had multiple veteran players and former All-Stars on the team. Today, the majority of the Spurs players on the current team are under the age of 24 with no established All-Stars currently on the roster.

The Spurs’ offseason approach going forward

The big question going forward is how do the Spurs approach the offseason now that they have Wembanyama? Do they use their $30-40 million in cap space to sign one or multiple free agents? Do they try to use their future picks to try to trade for a current or former All-Star who hasn’t been successful with their current team?

The future is bright for San Antonio going forward. Now the front office has a lot of decisions to make about how they’ll approach this offseason.


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