Spurscast Live Marathon Show


We’ll be live from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. central talking Spurs, the NBA and tonight’s home opener against the New Orleans Hornets. Throughout the night, we’ll have interviews with John Karalis of Red’s Army, Glenn Moore of the Dugout Sports Show, Zach Harper of Talk Hoops and Cowbell Kingdom, Rey Moralde of The No Look Pass, Sarah and mW of HornetsHype and Brian Cuban of the Cuban Revolution. We’ll be taking your calls throughout the day.

Call (210) 757-0847 and we’ll answer any calls or let you get something off your chest. We’ll also be giving away a few giveaways throughout the day for callers and chat participants. If the audio messes up at any time, let us know in the chat and we’ll work on fixing it asap.

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