Spurscast: Initial Thoughts on the End of the Season


In Spurscast episode 694, Spurscast host Paul Garcia and Project Spurs director of digital content Joe Garcia discuss:

  • The Spurs went 22-60 in the 22-23 season
  • Where the Spurs finished on offense and defense
  • Initial thoughts on the end of the season

Spurscast Topic Breakdown

The Spurs Went 22-60 In The 22-23 Season

The San Antonio Spurs finished the 2022-2023 regular season with a 22-60 record. While the season wasn’t a winning one to get into the playoffs, being able to finish with a bottom-3 record means the Spurs will have 14% lottery odds to land the number one overall pick in the draft lottery on May 16.

Finishing with 22 wins wasn’t too much of a surprise for San Antonio when you consider Las Vegas set their over/under at 22.5. The team went in a youth direction by giving multiple young players and rookies key roles, while some veteran players on the team either got waived or were traded during the 82-game season.

Where the Spurs Finished on Offense and Defense

The Spurs finished with the 29th-ranked offense and 30th-ranked defense. While they did struggle on offense, there were some areas where they finished in the top 10, such as pace, paint scoring, and assist percentage. The defensive end was a struggle for San Antonio, where they finished bottom 10 in multiple categories on that end of the floor.

Initial Thoughts on The End of the Season

In the final part of the episode, Joe and I provide a player rating score for how each player on the roster finished the season. Did the player have a surprising season, a season we kind of expected, or not quite the season we expected the player to have?


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