Spurscast Episode #667: San Antonio Spurs Trade Questions For 2022


In Spurscast Episode #667, host Paul Garcia and site editor, Jonas Clark, answer fan submitted San Antonio Spurs trade questions. Also in this episode, they dive into:

  • The teams alongside the Spurs who are projected to finish bottom five by record for the best lottery odds.
  • Why the Spurs’ shifted the direction of their franchise with the Dejounte Murray trade.
  • What the Spurs will do with their open cap space this season.

Which Veteran Players Could the San Antonio Spurs Trade This Season?

The Spurs heading toward a rebuilding route, meaning the team could be sellers rather than buyers at the trade deadline. Keep an eye on veterans Jakob Poeltl, Doug McDermott, and Josh Richardson. Not only would all three be excellent additions to playoff teams, but Poeltl and Richardson are entering the final years of their deals. That is attractive for teams tight on cap space.

The Teams Projected to Have the Five Worst Records This Season

Per Bovada.Lv, the Oklahoma City Thunder, Spurs, Houston Rockets, Indiana Pacers, and Utah Jazz are projected to have the five worst records next season. In order to have the best lottery odds of 14%, a team must finish with one of the three worst records by the end of the season.

The San Antonio Spurs’ Shift in Direction 

The Spurs made a shift this past summer in their franchise direction moving toward a rebuild by trading All-Star Dejounte Murray to the Atlanta Hawks. This question is discussed at length in the episode as it pertains to the team’s future outlook.

San Antonio’s Open Cap Space This Season

The Spurs can open anywhere from $28-33 million in cap space right now. The question discussed is what are they going to do with all that cap space this season? Paul and Jonas discuss a few of the team’s options, and weigh the benefits of each.


  1. The Spurs sent rookies to G league to learn how to play the right way. It seems to work as these guys are valued through out the league. The rookies will play in G-league and that is fine.


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