Spurscast Ep.644: Dejounte Murray’s All-Star Chances


In Spurscast episode 644, Spurscast host Paul Garcia and Project Spurs writer Collin Reid discuss: 

  • The Spurs in the last six games
  • Team updates on players returning from health and safety protocols
  • The 15 game sample size from November to December before players went into health protocols
  • Lonnie Walker IV’s aggressive play with multiple rotation players out
  • Dejounte Murray’s All-Star chances

The Last Six Games

The San Antonio Spurs went 1-5 in their last six games since the last Spurscast recording. Along with ending a 7-game road trip, the Spurs had multiple players enter health and safety protocols.

The Spurs’ most recent game was a return home Wednesday against the Houston Rockets, but the Spurs weren’t able to stop the Rockets on defense, and so they were dealt their 26th loss of the season.

Players Returning from Health and Safety Protocols

In the loss against Houston, Keldon Johnson and Devin Vassell returned to the team and exited health protocols. Doug McDermott, who has been out for seven games, has also exited protocols.

Derrick White is listed as questionable to play Friday in the Spurs’ game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, which puts him closer to exiting protocols.

Once White is out of protocols, the only rotation player left in protocols is Tre Jones.

The 15 Game Sample Size Before Health Protocols

From November 24 to December 23, the Spurs were able to play 15 games without any players going into health protocols.

During this stretch, the Spurs went 9-6 with the 3rd best offense and 15th ranked defense. In the episode, a discussion takes place examining if this is who the Spurs can be when fully healthy.

Lonnie Walker IV’s Strong Start to January

Since returning from health and safety protocols in January, Lonnie Walker IV has been more aggressive on offense. Lonnie’s paint attempts and free throw attempts have increased with more chances at being the second playmaker alongside Murray when White and Johnson were out. Can Walker IV remain aggressive when his teammates return?

Dejounte Murray’s All-Star Chances

In the final topic on the episode, there’s a discussion that looks at Murray’s chances of making the Western Conference All-Star team.

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