Spurscast Ep. 642: The Free Throw Line Battle and Latest Trade Rumors


In Spurscast episode 642, Spurscast host Paul Garcia and Project Spurs writer Stephen Michael discuss the latest San Antonio Spurs: 

  • The Spurs in the last four games against the Denver Nuggets, New Orleans Pelicans, and Charlotte Hornets
  • The San Antonio Spurs closing the gap in free throw scoring with their opponents
  • Trade rumors involving Thaddeus Young and Bryn Forbes

The Last Four Games

The San Antonio Spurs went 2-2 in their last four games, and almost as if in a roller coaster sequence. The Spurs picked up a win against the Nuggets last Thursday, then two nights later fell behind by as many as 32 points and lost to Denver. Then the following night, the Spurs defeated the Pelicans, but then days later fell behind by 30 points and lost to the Hornets.

In the episode, the Spurs’ last four games are discussed, as well as the Spurs’ injury report.

Closing the Gap from the Free Throw Line

With Derrick White‘s improvement over the last 10 games, the Spurs have seen an increase in free throw makes and attempts. Considering the Spurs are already one of the best teams for the season in not putting opponents on the free throw line, they’ve closed the gap in free throw scoring.

Through 27 games, the Spurs are only being outscored from the free throw line by 5 total points. On a per game basis, they’re losing the free throw line by 0.1 points per game, which is practically even.

The areas where the Spurs have a big advantage (paint scoring), where they’re almost even with opponents (free throw line, mid-range), and where they have their biggest weakness (3-point line) are discussed in the episode.

Young and Forbes Trade Rumors

Lastly, the latest trade rumors surrounding Thaddeus Young and Bryn Forbes are examined in the episode.

A familiar Young to Phoenix rumor is floated that dates back to September, while it appears playoff contenders will be looking into whether or not to try to trade for Forbes before the February 10 deadline.

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