Spurscast Ep. 491: Spurs–Warriors Game 1 Breakdown & Adjustments for Game 2


In Episode 491, Spurscast host Paul Garcia is joined by Project Spurs founder Michael DeLeon to break down the Spurs’ 113-92 Game 1 loss to the Warriors. Here are the topics for the episode:

  • Recapping what worked and didn’t work for the Spurs on both sides of the court.
  • Adjustments the Spurs can try to make for Game 2 on defense.
  • Adjustments the Spurs can try to make for Game 2 on offense.
  • The buzz about Kawhi Leonard during and after the game.
  • Previewing Monday’s Game 2 of the series.

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  1. We need someone to help out by making those wide open shots on a consistent basis. For that reason experimenting with Derek White to draw out one of the defenders and keep them from sagging in on Aldridge or Gay. Leave Manu, Mills & Forbes to help w scoring w 2nd unit.

    At this point without Kawhi look at this as if as Leonard had been playing and he just went down injured. What do we have to lose. You tell Derek we are just going to stay loose and be calling you over to the sidelines for teachable moments. The last 4th quarter he seriously looked poised and under control.

    • He did look good. I’ve watched him a lot in covering Austin Spurs games, and while there is certainly a difference in class of players, he definitely progressed quite a bit from the start of his rookie season.

  2. From a fan perspective it’s just difficult watching Mills all season long either walked up to the top of the key by a big man and unable to defend repeated 3 point assaults or have other teams intentionally run plays to have big men pin Patty down for an easy jumper. This is not too say that there is a place or time when Mills is effective because he certainly has his moments. I look at Mills, Parker as herbs you would add to a well cooked meal. Ginobili, he’s the Hot Sauce!


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