Spurscast #416: Stay Spursy, Mis Amigos


The Spurs are off to a fast start in the West, but do they have staying power? Will the team look the same at the end of the season? Jose and Ryan talk it out on this episode of the Spurscast.

Guess the total number of points in the Spurs back-to-back on November 4 and November 5 for a chance to win Trinity University Press’ new Spurs book.

It’s the one and only Spurscast – The original San Antonio Spurs Podcast.

Download the audio and listen to us however and whenever you want. We are also available on iTunes! Want to ask these guys a question? Submit your inquiries to the Spurscast and they’ll answer it on the next episode!

Intro Music: El Distorto De Melodica by Everclear


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